UFOs Sighted Over The 2012 London Olympics Opening… Theirs or Ours?

Posted by jimi on July 28, 2012

I would never push this down someones throat, nor pretend to know everything there is to know about this phenomenon.  But I will provide what I know for those who care to listen….

We’re approaching a time where its imperative that we as humans remember who we truly are.

While the subject of UFOS randomly punctuates our media consciousness, its still most often pushed into the category of the fringe.

In the last few years however, there has been a renewed seriousness around these matters, not seen since the Space Conventions out at Giant Rock in the 50s.

More and more are discovering the work of scholars who have been researching our TRUE human origins since many of us have been in diapers.  Erich Van Daniken, David Hatcher Childress, Graham Hancock, and the younger Michael Tellinger are of but a few.

Their work, much of it recently featured in such productions as the Ancient Aliens series,  is not a small fad, but the beginnings of the educating and mentoring us who we really are as humans, and our true extra-terrestrial origins.

Because the truth is that NONE OF US are from here.  We are all hybrids of several races of extra-terrestrials who have colonized this planet for thousands of years.

Strange news, isn’t it?  While so many are focused on black and white, conservative or liberal, gay or straight, rich or poor, married or not, and on and on and on and on …it turns out that we’re way more than all of that.  Some would say with our 22 galactic genetic lines, that we are considered genetic royalty.

But I don’t want to move too fast, so for some, let’s put our heads back in the hole with this guy…

Don’t crash my paradigm!

Of course I deal with my share of “muggles” around this, as some would call them. Maybe its more kind to say they gladly dissociate to protect their view of reality. I mean, I get it. I’ve been there. The mind isn’t ready for it. I took differential equations in school…I understand when it feels like someone is pulling a basketball through your head.

But they really make me laugh, often looking at me like I’m an alien of some kind.

And I can’t say I don’t feel like an alien on this strange planet at times….but those stories are coming.

UFOS are SO much in the consciousness lately, that several have placed bets on UFOS being spotted over the London Games this year.

I had no intention of betting on this. I don’t even have a proper tv and watch most of my stuff online.

But I was at a friends who has a small flatscreen. We were watching the news on some satellite feed and it switched over to a view of the stadium as the opening ceremony was taking place.

I saw two large lights on the opposite side of the screen, and something told me to get my video camera.

Below is what I saw….

I’m very interested to see how this all pans out for the remainder of the games. SO much attention is surrounding other earth affairs and these games, from both on and off planet, that there is little surprise we are seeing this…whether these ships are ours or not.

I thought I was imagining things until I saw a confirmation from MrScipher’s video on YouTube. Much gratitude and thanks to him for letting me post this clip as a comparison. His is obviously HD!

I do know we will be seeing more. And I know there will be no way they will be ours. But at the Olympics…? Who knows? Stay tuned….!

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