Its Been Really Thick Down Here Lately…. Introducing Ets…The Return.

Posted by jimi on April 15, 2012

Sorry. Its been WAY too long since I have posted. I apologize. Its been really thick down here lately.

It’s something I started regularly saying about a couple of years ago, while having one of those days where I felt a bit overwhelmed, whether it was from a specific event or from just being around a bunch of stressed out people.

“Its really thick down here.”

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been researching a good deal of exopolitics for my stage show. I felt it would be a good idea as my presentation toys with the theme of being a lost, amnesiac alien on planet Earth.

In my reading, I tripped on some written accounts of Ets coming to earth. It described how they were only able to stay here for a brief period of time because the atmosphere and gravity was relatively thick to what they were used to.

It may have been some material from the Andromedans in Defending Sacred Ground, I‘m not sure. If you dare to stretch your mind enough to allow the reality that Andromedan beings might exist out there!

They said that for an extra-terrestrial, being down here was like moving through jello.

I have to say I can relate. I’ve had days like that before. In fact just about most of 2011 felt like that in one way or another. I have never had such a chaotic and traumatic year in all my life. When I spoke with others, I clearly was not the only one.

I don’t want to get into it. But…

Congratulations to all who made it through 2011. We did it. Wow.

I thought I would post about my 2012 New Years, but…

As I was contemplating which way to go with the post this time, I found it ironic how my last post was about dealing with feeling like an alien after being stopped three times in a month for “walking while black”, and here it is a year and a half later, and I can’t turn on the news without hearing an update on the very strange proceedings of the Trayvon Martin case.

The Sanford, Florida event definitely picks a scab for me. One of the reasons it has been so difficult for the Martins as well as Sanford was because there has been a trend in questionable police work and institutional failures there.

Yet, by much of the vitriol I’ve read in the last two weeks, it appears a lot of the general public thinks stories of institutional racism in this country are made up. They aren’t.

When I moved to my first apartment in LA, I was asked the dreaded, “may I help you?” three or four times in the first month. The “what are you doing here?“ version of may I help you. This included the managers wife, who one evening thought I was casing the building. Finally I figured out to just respond firmly, “No, I live here!”

Then after getting my car broken into three times, it had the corner rear window broken out. I hadn’t been in LA but two weeks, still had out of state plates, and that was excuse enough for an undercover cop to pull me over at 1130 one night for allegedly stealing my own car. Thankfully I my papers with me, no?

In the late 80s I was a young Air Force officer, leaving the La Guardia airport to return home after running a table for the Air Force Academy at a college fair. The trip was amazing, and I was really pumped about New York.

I look up, there are two guys looking at me in plain clothes, they flash badges at me, then proceed to ask for my id and search my bags. This is WAY, WAY before 911 folks! They kept looking at my military ID like it was a hologram or something.

“No, really. This is my military ID, and I’m in the Air Force.”

These are real experiences. They are not made up.

Why I think people have difficulty sharing these experiences with other

But as I mention them to some people, I may as well be talking about a UFO sighting.

They first stare at me like a deer in headlights. Then they get really defensive, and start to intensely question my experience, like I’m slightly delusional and I might be making it up.

Like I have said before, although we have common experiences, some people allow their attitudes to place shells around them that makes it convenient to dismiss the experience of everyone else as somehow insignificant and not real.

This attitude can really impact any conversation on race. This even happens with those of my own “race“, even though I‘m about as mixed as they come.

I know I’m not the only one who experiences this, and I’ve often wondered why this happens.

Our human collective, fragmented, genetic memory

So many of us live very insular lives, which can make it easy to dismiss the humanity and experience of others, especially with regards to race (or any “other” for that matter). But I have another theory why we feel so fragmented.

My theory is that as a country, and generally as a planet, and despite what we are told by our religions, we humans still have no idea…as human origins scholar Michael Tellinger would say…“who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.”

I believe there is a growing and burning desire out there to know. Many are stirring inside and beginning to demand deeper answers from their religions. Others are researching the likes of Zecharia Sitchen and David Hatcher Childress, scholars who have devoted their lives to researching human origins. And still others are busy researching in detail the some 22 inter-galactic races who have played a part in seeding every human on this planet.

I guess it all depends on what you are ready for.

Unfortunately, far too many are not ready for this information now, yet their genetic memory is having no choice but to give them subtle reminders.

I’m a sole believer in genetic memory.

I think that as humans who have lived multiple lifetimes on this wartime planet, a good deal of our accessible genetic memory is based upon defending ourselves BECAUSE of our difference. This “fight or flight” memory is regularly on the surface of our being, so one can see how anger flares when issues of race are mentioned and the person doesn’t have the perspective to look at it objectively.

Our literal past-life genetic memories that have not yet been reconciled rear their heads in our present reality when we find ourselves getting scared and defensive from someone else’s story or racial strife. The emotions that come up feel personal, while we’re really tapping into the sub-conscious fragments of past experiences that have never been reconciled. We literally go into temporary schizophrenia.

The Crossroads of 2012. Another opportunity for us to take another grand step in healing.

So here we find ourselves again at another crossroads where tensions are high, and the discussion about race, if any, is inflammatory and circular, with little hope of getting to the heart of the matter. This regularly happens in our country. Especially now, in the days of instant media.

After more than forty days George Zimmerman has finally been arrested, which was all Trayvon’s parents were asking for. The case brings up questions ninety ways to Sunday about the behaviour of the police, yet soon people all over the media are pointing fingers at each other for being racist. I really don’t care what one so called talking head thinks of another, but that made continual news too!

Yet few are talking about what’s actually going on, and how we got to this tense place. One can show all the gold tooth photos in the world of Trayvon, but it doesn’t lessen the importance of more in depth discussion on racial profiling, gang and black on black violence, our increasingly privatized prison system, the drug war, or any other distraction thrown out there to somehow justify Zimmermans actions.

All of those subjects have multiple, hidden facets to them, and it would be a tremendous service to us all to discuss them…but this rarely happens. Its easy to see how people remain divided when the significant discussions are short, to non-existent. Its very uncomfortable, and we have so little of the vocabulary to even talk about it.

We don’t know what questions to ask.ETs The Return Captain and Crew with Viewing Cube

And, indeed, how can we expect to even have a vocabulary if we as a human race don’t really understand how we even got here, or why?

Ets…The Return (What all those photos were about.)

I explore this quandary in my work. This is basically what my solo show is all about. Who are we really, and how do we discover who we are beyond our material things, our outward appearance, and society’s perceptions of who they want us to be?

I’m continuing to prepare animation for my presentation, and its been kicked up considerably since I upgraded my animation suite. Iclone 5.2 is an excellent platform for learning 3d animation, and its at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it.

This lightly comedic little web-series will possibly serve a double purpose and be used for wrap-arounds for my solo show.

Ets The Return

Ets…The Return, features a group of physically and racially diverse extra-terrestrials from another galaxy who have been temporarily assigned to earth on an observation and information gathering mission.

Despite being from a different galaxy, each one has genetic ties to different star systems in our Milky Way, but none have been to Earth before.

Earth Briefing

Because of this, they carry an extreme amount of anxiety over the news of now having to visit Earth. Earth beings, do after all, have a reputation of being prone to mis-communications, as well as exercising little tolerance for others who are physically different from them.

Our crew comes from diverse societies where they are in fact taught to learn from each other. They are aware of worlds like ours, but have never imagined having to visit one for an extended period of time.


The pilot opens with our crew extremely anxious about having to submerge themselves into a chaotic sea of human thought beaming from a populace who is even more racially diverse than they are. And the thing that makes it most scary for them, is that the human populace are not even aware of their true origins, their uniqueness, nor their true power.

Blau the Sage

We meet our crew, just before a layover, and right after they have been informed of their assignment to Earth…

Presenting— Ets… The Return.

Hope you enjoy. More to come as the show progresses!