Alienating the Profiler Act III

Posted by jimi on November 17, 2010

I really needed a few days off and I was visiting a friend outside the city.  It’s not really important where I was.

It’s just important to know that my friend and I had been up talking till almost 4:30 that morning.  He went off to bed and I went outside for a walk, walking the same route I had the two nights before.  I still have back issues from my accident, so sometimes its good for me to take a walk around the block to get the stiffness out.

It was an extremely quiet night with barely a breeze.  I walked as I stretched parts of my back to relieve the pressure on my spine. I was grateful to be taking a walk with so much of the world around me asleep.   It was SO peaceful.

I looked up at the stars and tried to make out the constellations.   Between recognizing the few shapes I knew in the cosmos, I would think about the strange point of light moving across the sky I witnessed earlier that day.

It looked like a balloon, but I can’t say I’ve seen one move in a straight line for that long.  It was really in the back of my mind though.  What was important was that I was getting some relief and peace.

I walked on my normal route, stretching  my back as I went.  I was used to late walks.  In my neighborhood in Hollywood, its never a problem.  Its like the East Village.  People are out all the time.

I walked to the end of the street my friend lives on, and walked out the breezeway onto the sidewalk as usual.  I stretched a few moments, puffed a bit of a cigarette, and then walked back into the complex.

By the time I reached the end of the breezeway I was half done smoking, so walked back in, and walked to the next street. I wanted to let myself complete the loop back to my friends house. By the time I got to the end of that street, I saw very clearly a cop car driving into the small complex, entering on the same street I was walking on, and from the opposite direction. I reached the end of the street and made a right, crossing the next street to get to my friends street, and I can see the cop had made it around to where he was now coming towards me…with his headlights off now.

I was no more than a house away from my friends place before he gunned his engine, made a right to where he was right behind me, turned his headlights on, as well as his red and blues.

It was the walking version of this video taken in Broward County, Florida.

“I saw you walk out of that breezeway,” he said.

Okay then. There wasn’t really much to say. I said that I was going for a walk and that out of respect I would not smoke at my friends house.

He repeated himself.

“Yeah…but. I distinctly remember seeing you walk ‘out that breezeway…and then stop, and then walk back in.”

He saw me “come out that breezeway” and stop, and then walk back in.  Oh…

He went on to explain that there had been house break-ins and car break-ins and he needed to see some ID and then started to ask me if I had ever been arrested before.

I said no, I was visiting a friend, I was a vet, went to the Air Force Academy, and had no intention of stealing anything, just smoking and going to bed. Yet still, he had to get my license, ss number, and then run my info to see if I had any arrests. What gives? If I HAD been arrested, I would have been lying about smoking and going to bed? The neighborhood is middle class and predominantly black and latino. I easily could have owned property there, yet I was a suspect because I was walking late at night out of respect for my friend.  Walking…

Not…say, doing backflips while covered in guacamole while loudly reciting the Christopher Walken “watch” monologue from Pulp Fiction.


Just walking…

But yet I managed to “alienate” someone…verb…again.  In this case, perhaps I was  making the other feel like they are 3. a person not included in a group; an outsider.  I sincerely apologize.  I didn’t mean to make him feel that way.

Alien.  Alienation.  Alienating…

Maybe it was originally being from New Mexico, home of Roswell, or perhaps it was seeing films like Disney’s Escape to Witch Mountain that made me pretend to be an alien when I was a kid.  I would pretend that I came here with a twin from another place, that we got separated, and that my goal in this life was to re-unite with him and go back home.

Have I imagined myself into an ever-growing reality?

In the last ten years or so I started to pay attention to the coincidences in my life.  The more I paid attention to the fact that these strange coincidences exist, the more I seemed to notice them happening. If that makes sense…

I would hear a song in my head, and then turn on the car radio to find it playing.

I would think about a friend of mine, and then they would phone me.

I remember dreaming of specific designs on a Eurythmics album in a store setting, and six or seven months later when the album came out, it looked exactly like the one in my dream.

Then there are those numbers…11:11, 12:12, and 3:33.  One of the last acting jobs was on 11/11 and we wrapped at 12:12am.

Despite the chaos of the times, I realize it’s a pretty intelligent system we live in here, and every once in awhile I’m lucky enough, quiet enough, patient enough to notice what it is telling me…so I try my best to pay attention.  I mean, three instances of what some would call “walking while black” in a month?

And I realize that my encounter with the last officer was the most significant.  Bathed in flashing red and blue lights, Cool Hand Luke and I had our conversation about me “walking ‘out that driveway” at about 4:45am.

About 12 hours later I decided to go for a run.  I was still agitated about the night before, and I needed to get the rest of the “flu” out of my lungs.  I was stretching when my friend kept insisting that I come over to the computer to watch the video his girlfriend sent him.   I half-absently came over, still fuming about the night before, but not having told anyone yet.  Fuming, I was, until my mouth suddenly dropped open as I saw the video my friend was trying to show me.


So what we saw the day before…was most likely NOT a balloon. Considering the above are night shots, I began to look around the web for daytime sightings and found this…

This is exactly what I saw and followed across the sky for ten minutes.

On top of that, there were numerous sightings of similar lights in Oregon, Georgia, Washington, Sweden, Moscow, and someplace in China.  All on the 9th and 10th of October.  Many have been commenting that these lights are the Draganflyer X8…especially when watching the red and blue lights over College Station, Texas and Garden Grove/Anaheim.  I don’t agree with this.  I can’t see how a helicopter would track something like that for that long without knocking it out of the sky.

And if that is the case, there are a LOT of Draganflyer’s flying around, being photographed on ONE DAY.  Hmmmm….

Then there is the mass sighting over New York City on the 13th of October, 2010.

Once again, several people explained this away as balloons released during a Spanish Tourism Festival in Times Square.  Apparently the festival took place around mid-day.  These objects were seen from approximately 9am on through the evening hours of 10 and 11 pm.

Sure, there was a “prediction” from an ex NORAD officer that there would be a mass sighting on the 13th of October of this year.  I actually think he was only partially correct.  It started before that date.  And seems to be getting even more intense in some places. Below is a recent sighting at the Delaware, Pennsylvania border.

But I digress…

There was a sobering reality behind the red and blue lights that suddenly seemed to be everywhere that afternoon.  Red and Blue flashing lights 12 hours earlier at 445am for “walking ‘out that breezeway”, after unexplained red lights 12 hours before that.

And now YouTube was showing me that I was not the only one.

Are we ready?

I just wonder if we are truly ready for something like this.  If people are having a difficult time with humanizing their own, whether they be Muslim or Mexican, how could they possibly do that with Ets?

Its fun to see how this alien theme mirrors that of the solo show I’m beginning to workshop now.  In my lifetime, I’ve been referred to as black, “just” black, not really black, afraid of my blackness, Oreo, and of course, “trying to be white”, usually by a person who had obvious issues of their own.  As a “black guy”, I’m supposed to act, dress, speak and think in a certain way.  This of course is different depending on the person demanding the behaviour, but my point is that its unfortunate the human brain still goes into tilt mode when it is dealing with rudimentary things like skin colour.  If that’s the case, then it’s no wonder “they” just don’t LAND now.  Not yet.  Some people just couldn’t handle it and would probably start shooting.

Reminds me of Richard Pryor talking about why UFOS don’t land.  He theorizes that they tried once, but that the guy sweeping the porch warned them…

“Y’all better get on ‘way from ‘round here.  This here is Mr. Gilmore’s property!”

Besides, look at how Hollywood had treated the subject.

With the exception of ET, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and maybe even Star Wars, most aliens are portrayed as wanting to kick the collective ass of the human.  Even now, The Event, Skyline, Men In Black III, and countless other productions are hitting the waves dealing with the subject, and in a couple I’m already seeing the fear theme abound.

I would like to think that not all of the Ets are bad.  I would imagine they are mostly like us…just more advanced in many ways.  But who knows?  Its more fun to explore my existence down here in relation to the whole thing.

Lost doy…or How I Happened Upon The Pretty Blue Planet, and Why I Decided to Stay, is a solo project I’ve been developing for some time.  Its about growing up and being from really “no where”, yet from many places.  I was fortunate enough to move regularly as a kid, including a three year stint overseas, and its provided a wealth of material on human nature.

The project will consist of a blend of monologues and stand-up comedy with some music mixed in.  I aim for it to be multi-media as well, but I don’t want the technology to take over the whole process.   I want to stay as organic as possible.

As organic as talking about feeling like an alien can be!