Jim Abbott is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The son of a military officer, he was no stranger to moving regularly.  After living in the US Southwest, Germany, Texas and attending five different high schools, his family finally settled in the foothills of Colorado.


    Jim attended the Air Force Academy, and after a stint of his own in the Air Force, he moved to Seattle where he began gracing comedy club stages.  He became a member of Seatles Repertory Actors Workshop or REACT, then a member of Open Circle Theatre Company.  After moving to Los Angeles, he began studying at the Lost Studio, the former "Loft Studio" founded by Strasberg Studio West's William Traylor and Peggy Feury.  


    He continued working in the commercial market while landing roles on General Hospital, Mad TV, The Hughley's, and UPN's Abby.  In addition to acting and stand-up, most recently Jimi began recording dance music.  He has always had a unique voice, but it wasn't until the muses above began to give him song ideas that he began to scramble to find ways to get them down in some presentable form.  Check out the music area for more.....